Group Fitness- Wollongong

Feel Good, Look Good

Our Group Fitness classes are fun, challenging full body workouts. Variety is the spice of life and it really is vital with keeping your training interesting. You won't get lost in the crowd at Dmac Fitness with controlled class sizes.


There's a power that comes with training alongside like minded people. While each client follows along to the same workout structure, exercises are modified for each individuals needs. Classes run daily with a mixture of indoor and outdoor workouts. Outdoor classes are held at Lang Park in Wollongong, while indoor classes are held at Dmac Fitness Gym, unit 6, 46 Montague St North Wollongong. Check out the timetable for session times. 


  • Increased energy throughout the day

  • Faster metabolism

  • Lean muscle mass

  • Reduced body fat percentage

  • Increased passion for your health and fitness

  • Increased mobility

Class timetable